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Can Christians Make a Difference in today society?

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

The answer is very clear, it is YES! The real question is, are people that say they believe in Jesus Christ, are they Christians? The term Christian is defined as someone that "is like Christ" or like Jesus Christ. Are these "Christians" behaving in a manner like God's Son? Is there God's power in their lives? Do they know God's Word? How do they love God and how do they love others?

Let's break down the term Christian a little further. We understand now that Christian is to be like Christ: To behave like Jesus, to have the power of God, to know God's word, and to love others.

Most Christians do not know who they are, if they are living in Christ.

Again, if we breakdown the term "Christian", then we would have to breakdown the word Christ. Christ is a term that has been translated from the Hebrew

word Messiah. The term simply means "Anointed One".

As we examine further we find more questions. What does this mean "Anointed One"? What does anointed mean? With what is a person anointed with?

In order to find these answers, we have to look into God's Word particularly in the Old Testament. God's "anointed one" had either been prophets, priests or kings, that were used to help guide, deliver, or rebuke God's people. Most if not all were anointed in a ceremony where oil was poured out on them to show a demonstration of what was happening to these individuals on the inside and their closer relationship with God. Oil has always been a symbol of the Holy Spirit. So this meaning is that these individuals received a pouring out of God's Holy Spirit on their lives.

So if we bring these terms and understanding together then to be a "Christian" is "to be like the Anointed One" This is to be Like Jesus with power of God, love of God, knowledge of God and the truth of God. if we are "Christians" then we bare a responsibility to help people, demonstrate God's, goodness, mercy, grace adn love to guide people into a great relationship with God and also to rebuke evil in our world by the same manner as Jesus did by loving folks and dying to self for individuals.

If Christians begin to know who they are, and if they believe in the anointing of the Holy Spirit they have, they can make a difference where ever God leads them.

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